Promise to Amalia


Promise to Amalia is a UK based charity, that aims to provide opportunities for under-privileged children in the developing world. 

The charity was formed in 2012 by the parents of Amalia (our story), a beautiful baby girl, born asleep to loving parents.  It is in her memory that the charity operates. 

In order to take a long-term approach to tackling the causes of poverty that inhibit the life opportunities for so many of the world’s young, the charity has initiated a series of community projects.  By focusing on the community rather than the individual, the charity aims to provide wider economic benefit, reach more children and enable greatest value of investment.

At present the charity is focused on projects in Sri Lanka, the ancestral home of Amalia and her parents.  This has provided the charity with a network of trustees and supporters enabling insight, and continuous voluntary support.

Please follow and support this charity.  In time we hope to deliver community projects across more parts of the developing world.  To volunteer, support or provide advice please see here or follow us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sites.