Promise to Amalia

Marie’s Story

Marie is a single parent, living with her 18 year old daughter and 21 year old son.

When we met Marie, she was doing odd jobs like selling firewood. Her income was unpredictable and insufficient to meet the needs of her family.

Her daughter is a final year A’level student. Her son stopped schooling at the age of 8, when he lost the use of his right arm, after being involved in a road traffic accident.

Amalia’s Lend a Hand Project – Marie’s shop 

marie's son and shop cropped

We helped Marie set up a small shop in front of her house. She collected logs, which her brother used to build the small shack.

Your donations helped through:

– funding the cutting/shredding of the logs

– funding the basic tools needed to build the shack

– donating some start up produce to sell in the shop

To ease the financial burden, we also provided her daughter with uniforms, stationery and school supplies, for further education.


 5 months later, we were delighted to see that Marie’s shop was flourishing, selling a variety of materials, many of which she had purchased from the profit she had made.

On ascertaining that this project is viable and profitable, your funds have now also donated:

–          a small fridge/freezer to sell cold goods

–          equipment needed to make hoppers (traditional sri lankan food)

We provided some guidance on accounts keeping which her son is now logging with help from his sister.

Not only has this created income for the family but it has also given her son a job.

We are confident that this family will  be completely self sufficient over the next year and all for just £200 of your generous donations!

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