Promise to Amalia

Mithun’s Story

Mithun is 11 years old and he has one younger sister. They live in a wooden built shack with their family.

His father previously used to mine river sand, but sadly he fell from a tree and sustained some significant injuries. He retired from this line of work and since has been struggling to make ends meet.

mithun cropped


– Unable to provide regular nutritious meals

– Unable to afford clothing

– Unable to afford school clothes and stationery

– Their current housing fails to meet their needs as a family


Amalia’s Lend a Hand Projects to help Mithun’s family

Tea plantation/Farming crops

The family have inherited 1 and a half acres of land. They are keen to use this resource for planting tea or farming crops. It would be a longer term project, because it could take up to 2 years to start generating an income.

We are still researching this project and trying to find the answers to the following:

Who legally owns the land? We are assessing this with a lawyer. If legally the land is theirs we have a lawyer and surveyor ready to draw up deeds and map out the land that is theirs.

What steps are involved to prepare the land for tea?

How much tea plants cost for half an acre of land?

Cost of compost enough for 1-2 years for half an acre of land

Any additional costs?


Current Progress

After much hard work the family have received the authorisation that they need to cultivate the land. The family are hard at work with the tea plantation and this is proving to be a real success story.


Thank you for your donations, without you this family would continue to be in financial hardship


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Last updated on the 3/2/15