Promise to Amalia

Chathura’s Story

Chathura was abandoned by his parents and now lives with his guardians, Sena and Vasanthi, along with the couple’s own daughter and grandchild. Sena and Vasanthi were only Chathura’s neighbours but took him in and have cared for him ever since.


Sena, Chathura’s guardian previously earned a living as a carpenter, but retired due to knee arthritis. He now sells small chairs, but his income is insufficient to meet their needs.


  • Inability to provide regular nutritious meals
  • Unable to afford clothing for Chathura
  • Unable to afford clothing and stationery for school


Amalia’s Lend a Hand Projects

Project 1- Poster Sales

After giving up carpentry, Sena subsequently started selling posters. He found a good market for the business and felt it was lucrative, but was unable to buy adequate stock to pursue this further.

He has requested a bulk stock of goods to help him start up this business properly.

Plan: Purchase a bulk stock of posters worth Rs 10,000 (worth £47)

Project 2 – Chair Sales

Vasanthi feels that selling chairs in one location will allow her to earn a small additional income, whilst caring for her grandson.

Plan: Purchase a bulk stock of the chairs worth Rs 15000 (approx. £75)

On projection, this project has the potential to generate a monthly income of Rs.17000 (approx £79).

Following careful assessment of these projects our ground staff sourced and purchased both the posters and chairs in February 2014.

Current Progress

This is a real success story, following our last visit the family are making a monthly income which is able to meet their financial requirements. We couldn’t have achieved this without your help. Thank you! Please see our Visit to Sri Lanka June 2014.

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Last updated on 3/2/15