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Dulani’s Story


Dulani is an 11 year old girl. She has two siblings. Her brother, Chandana suffers from Cerebral Palsy. This has a significant effect on his mobility.

They live in a wooden shack located on a steep incline. The house fails to meets their needs as a family  and further compounds Chandana’s issues.

Her father does odd jobs providing an unpredictable monthly income, insufficient to meet the financial  requirements of his family.










– Inability to provide regular nutritious meals

–  Unable to afford clothing

–  Unable to afford School clothes and stationery

– Unable to afford Chandana’s monthly medical expenses of Rs 5000 (£24)


Amalia’s Lend a Hand Projects for Dulani

Project 1 – Permanent Job

We hope to help Dulani’s father find a permanent job as he currently holds an HGV driving licence. Further assessments are being undertaken to assess requirements and safety.

We have also given the family guidance on budgeting and finance management.

Project 2 – Shoe business

Dulani’s grandmother would like to start a shoe business at the local market, to help cover some of Chandana’s medical expenses and ease the burden on his father.


Provide a start up bulk buy of shoes/slippers worth Rs 20000 (£94)

Current Progress

The grandmother is doing really well. She manages to now make a profit far greater than the medical costs, which offers some financial relief to the family. Please see Visit to Sri Lanka June 2014.

We have also donated food boxes to the family.

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Last updated on 3/1/15