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Malini’s Story

Malini is a 9 year old girl from a family of 5 children, the youngest being a 3 month old baby. They live in a Government provided house.herms wedding and SL 286

Sampath, Malini’s stepfather currently sells mangoes on buses, which is the sole household income. The most he earns per day is Rs 500 (approx £2.40), but often the figure is considerably lower.

Malini’s grandmother who is blind, lives with the family and occasionally begs on buses to try to help feed the family.


  • Unable to provide regular nutritious meals for the family.
  • Unable to buy clothes for the family, consequently they rely on donations.
  • Unable to buy school clothing and stationery
  • Malini’s  brother Charmara scored highly in his scholarship exam, gaining entry in to a good school. His school travel expenses of Rs 100 per day are almost impossible to meet.


We have donated food boxes and stationery whilst the project is initiating.

Amalia’s Lend a Hand Projects for Malini’s Family

We are working hard to try and draw up a plan for this family. Immediate solutions are difficult given the current situation and skills set. They have expressed a desire to sell fruits/vegetables in a stall and our ground team are currently researching start up costs.

Current Progress

The fruit stall is up and running and they are managing their costs well. They are no longer relying to donations to live. Please see our Visit to Sri Lanka June 2014.

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Last updated on 5/5/14