Promise to Amalia

Ruwan’s Story

Ruwan is an 11 year old boy who lives with his 4 year old sister and his father. His mother became critically ill and was transferred to a hospital miles away. This caused significant strain to the family, not only were they extremely worried about their mother, but they struggled to afford the travel costs to the hospital.shashika small

Ruwan has had no option but to start assuming more adult responsibilities at home. He cooks and cleans leaving little time to focus on his education.

His father does odd jobs in order to provide some money, but the financial pressure is getting too much. So much so he was considering putting his children up for adoption.

Sadly in 2014 Ruwan’s mother passed away.

Current Progress 2015

We are currently researching wood mill businesses as this is where his expertise lie. In the meantime we are providing food boxes to support the family. Please see our Visit to Sri Lanka June 2014.


This has been one of the most challenging cases for Promise To Amalia so far. The father has decided that he would like to look at alternative means for provision for his family. We are offering support where he is letting us and should this change we will update you.



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Last updated on 3/2/15