Promise to Amalia

What We Do

We provide educational support to underprivileged children and offer support to their families, by the means of better financial income.

This takes the form of two main projects; educational resources and Amalia’s lend a hand projects. These will initially take place the following communities; Ihala Talduwa and Avissawella, with the intention that this will in the future role out to a national level.



Educational Resources

Promise to Amalia aims to give underprivileged children better access to educational resources and equal opportunities to gain an education. We feel developing their skills remains key to gaining qualifications, securing jobs and bettering their own lives.

With this in mind, we made contact with the Ihala Talduwa school based in Sri Lanka, where approximately 40% of students are suffering financial hardship. Here we provided books, stationary, desks and improved sanitation, serving to enhance children’s learning environment.

Please click on the link to Educational resources and both completed and future projects


Amalia’s Lend a Hand Projects

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The knowledge that any child, anywhere in the world, should struggle without their basic needs to sustain life is heart-breaking.

When we heard that some students at the school were living in poor housing conditions and malnourished we were desperate to help.

With Amalia’s Lend a Hand Projects, we aim to provide a more long-term solution to these problems, by helping parents improve their current household income. We hope this will give parents a better financial backing to respond to the basic needs of their children.

Each project will be tailored to the individual and will vary from funding the start-up cost of a small business to helping parents secure a permanent job.

As we develop, we hope to extend our projects throughout Sri Lanka.

Please click on the link to Amalia’s lend a hand projects and those named individual cases.