Promise to Amalia


Many students at the Ihala Talduwa school lack basic stationery supplies.

Grade 5 and above are focused on exam preparation. Scoring highly in the Grade 5 scholarship exam can grant a student entry into a very good school. Achieving good grades at O’level is a vital step for higher education.


November 2013

We invited 16 students in the O’level and Grade 5 classes who often struggle without stationery supplies to the school for a meeting.





We distributed bags containing the following school supplies, enough for one term (3 months):

distributing books 2

– Pens supplied by Barclays Bank PLC

– Exercise Books

– Pencils

– Colouring pencils 







We hope to continue this over the next year.

Supplies will be provided before the start of each term.



In addition to this, we donated the following to struggling students studying Art:

– paint brusheswatercolours cropped

– 10 sets of watercolours









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