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Educational Sponsorships

Welcome to our Educational Sponsorship Scheme!

Meet Ravindran and Gayathri….


Ravindran, 8 years old

Gayathri, 7 years old


Ravindran‘s mother and father left him. He now lives with his Grandparents who are unable to work.

He aspires to be a Policeman. There is no household income, apart from Rs. 500 (£2.40) per month, received through a government led scheme to help low income families.

Despite these financial and emotional difficulties, Ravindran is a very bright student, but affording educational supplies is impossible in this current financial situation.

Gayathri, lives with her mother and two grandmothers.

Her father has left and her mother is unable to work due to ill health. Only one grandmother is able to still work and earns a meager income of just Rs.7000 (£34) per month, to support this family of four.

Despite these financial difficulties, Gayathri is doing really well in School but the family are struggling to afford the materials needed for her education.

Ravindran and Gayathri are two examples of our students most in need, but there are many more.

We need your help to make sure these children, our future, get an education and have the best chance in life

…and for as little as £6 a month, you can…!!!


The Programme

This year we have set up an Educational Sponsorship programme to support underprivileged students. We hope that this will give them a head start in life and that in the future, their knowledge or skills set will filter back into their communities and improve socio-economic status.

In Sri Lanka  school and sixth form education are free. You may then ask why are we doing this?

The answer is simple, often parents cannot afford the things that go hand in hand with education that we in the West may take for granted, such as stationery, transport,  books, school uniform, shoes and bags. Consequently children are unable to go to school.

How can you help?

For just £6 a month, your sponsorship will provide a student in need with stationery, books, school bag, uniform and shoes.

Your help will allow a child full access to an education, the opportunity to obtain qualifications and develop the skills and confidence to find employment.

Donors will receive 3 annual newsletter updates with report cards, photographs and letters for a selection of students on the scheme.


Student Selection

The children have been chosen based on recommendations from either the schools or communities. We have then looked at their family circumstances (economic, emotional and physical support), their academic grades and commitment from the families. Students were selected from the following schools/areas:

  •  Clunes Tamil School
  • Mayadunna School, Atulugama
  • Anuruddha Balika Vidyalaya, Dematagoda School
  • Ihala Talduwa School
  • Dehiowita Buddhist College
  • Kelani Tissa School
  • Trincomalee

In time we hope to increase the numbers and areas we select from.


You can help us change their situations for as little as £6 per month. So go on, sign up now and help us to better the lives of others.


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