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Koslandha Disaster

At 07.30 local time on 29th October 2014 a landslide struck a small village , Koslandha in the district of Badulla. This is approximately 120 miles East of Colombo. It was triggered by monsoon rains. The landslide destroyed and engulfed many houses and destroyed or wiped out families. It is currently estimated that 192 people remain missing and 16 have been confirmed dead. The continued rains and unstable terrain have severely hampered rescue efforts.

The families affected by the landslide are currently living in closed down tea factories which have been divided to create small temporary rooms. Each family, regardless of size, occupy a small room and this small area is where they live, cook, eat and sleep. Rebuilding their lives has been such a struggle.

Our committee were informed that donations reaching the area have significantly dropped now and the families are in real need of support. Their current immediate needs include food, educational resources for the children, cooking equipment, housing and much more.

Thanks to your donations and our ground committee in Sri Lanka, we were able to donate 10kg of rice and also a packet of lentils each, to a total of 87 families currently living in the Ponagala Tea factory.

Koslandha is a fair distance from our current charity base in Sri Lanka, which makes regular donations to this area very difficult, but we hope to offer some support to these families this year by making periodic bulk donations, we will keep you informed.


source: News 1st

We have managed to donate food to the victims of the disaster and here are some pictures of our ground staff in action!

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This would not have been possible without your kind donations – Thank you!