Promise to Amalia

Sewwandhi’s Story

Sewwandhi is a single parent to 3 children. Sadly her husband passed away and left the family in financial and emotional hardship.

She tapped rubber, a common practice to Sri Lanka, where you cut the bark of a rubber tree and collect the latex. However she was not able to meet the needs of her family doing this.


  • Unable to provide regular nutritious meals for the family.
  • Unable to buy clothes for the family, consequently they rely on donations.
  • Unable to buy school clothing and stationery

Amalia’s Lend a Hand Projects

She has proposed a project to sew school uniforms and mats and also to work as a self employed seamstress for a local factory. The predicted income will be enough to sustain her family’s financial needs.

Thanks to your generosity, we have been able to purchase a sewing machine for Sewwandhi to help her with this project. We will keep you updated.


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