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Emergency Landslide and Flood Appeal 2017

Sri Lanka is undergoing a crisis due to severe flooding and landslides in multiple regions of the country. Sadly this seems to be more devastating than the one which occurred last year.

Over 202 people are dead, over a 100 people are missing and over 600,000 people have been displaced. Click here to see the link to Aljazeera News.

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Courtesy of Aljazeera and The New York Times respectively


This leaves already vulnerable people exposed to infections such as cholera and Dengue Fever to name a few.


We have launched our Emergency appeal, please click below to help if you can:



To give you an idea of how your money can help;

  • £2 – 2 mats for sleeping
  • £4 – mosquito net (this reduces the risk of dengue fever)
  • £7 – Hygiene/Sanitation kits (medical supplies and cleaning products)
  • £10  – meal for 6 families (2 adults and three children per family)
  • £20 – One week supply of dry food rations for a family of 5
  • £20 -Kitchen starter park (includes stove, pots & spoons)

A small amount of money goes a long way. We are really grateful for all your help.


Many thanks from Promise to Amalia