Promise to Amalia

Trincomalee Preschool Project

In 2018, along with Child Action Lanka, we started helping a remote post-war village community. This village, called Kumburapitiya, is located near Trincomalee, which is in the north east of Sri Lanka.

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All families had lost loved ones, faced the trauma of war and continue to deal with the inevitable emotional, physical and financial aftermath of this conflict. Most families are currently surviving on one meal a day.

We helped set up a small preschool for up to 15 children. We donated  start-up goods such as white boards, chairs, first aid equipment, kitchen goods, cleaning equipment and much more. We now provide 2 meals a day and also take the children out on a school trip annually. Last year in 2018, we also celebrated christmas with them, which was great fun!

We feel this project provides a safe and happy environment for these children to flourish.

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