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Disaster Relief 2016

In May 2016, disastrous landslides and floods hit multiple areas in Sri Lanka.

It killed over 100 people and left thousands displaced. The heavy rain further hampered aid efforts.

disaster photo 1

The appeal launched for this disaster raised a whopping


Donations and Aid Work

We primarily focused on 15 families who were displaced due to the floods, providing immediate aid and support to help them rebuild their lives.

We also visited an emergency camp in Dehiowita, to provide aid to families who had been evacuated from their homes due to a large landslide.
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Food Supplies

15 families received weekly dry food donations, condiments and hygiene/sanitation goods as immediate aid, for up to 3 weeks depending on need.

food donations
Medical Supplies, Clothing & Mosquito Nets

All families were given basic medical supplies for cuts and minor injuries. Packs included supplies such as plasters, antiseptics and basic pain relief.

Dengue is a major problem in Sri Lanka, so mosquito nets were supplied to families in need.

Clothing, in particular undergarments, were also donated. 

Starter Packs for Families 
We put together starter packs to help these families rebuild their lives with basic essentials.
The starter packs included:
Basic kitchen essentials
A small stove for cooking
Pots, pans and other cooking utensils
Cleaning products….and much more!!
 starter packs for families



School Resources for Students
Many students lost their uniforms and school stationery. 
We donated school packs to 11 students including shoes, socks, stationery and uniforms, to get them back to school as soon as possible. 
Small House Built in Kelaniya

Together, you funded the materials needed to build a small house for Latha, Mahinda and their 6 children.

The little wooden shack that they once called home, was completely destroyed by the floods… leaving them homeless.


Your support gave this family a place to live!!
‘This is a completely new start for this family. This is not just a gift of a home and shelter, it’s so much more than that. You have given them hope. I have seen the difference it has made –  the smiles, the motivation and how it has had a positive impact on their outlook for the future – thank you to all the donors who made this possible’ – a quote from Dilhani, the lead for this particular project.
 finished house 1

Dehiowita Landslide Donations

Our committee visited an estate in Dehiowita where a landslide led to the evacuation of 65 families (approx. 357 people) from their homes.

piyadasa 2

They were receiving dry food goods through government donations. Most had managed to retrieve their basic personal belongings/essentials prior to leaving their homes.

Their biggest needs were – cooking utensils, hygiene and sanitation goods.

piyadasa 1

We donated large cooking utensils, jugs for water, hygiene goods such as toothpaste, soap and sanitary goods such as washing up soap, sponges and cleaning utensils for these 65 families.

A huge thank you to the donors of this appeal. Your help really made a difference!