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Disaster Relief 2017

Once again, sadly, Sri Lanka faced a crisis in May 2017 due to severe floods and devastating landslides in multiple regions. The disaster was far worse than the previous year, killing over 200 people and affecting over 690,000.

Thank you for supporting our appeal.

Together you raised an amazing total of £543.17!!


Donations and Aid Work
We worked in 3 main areas, where people were severely affected by the floods, including:
  • Morawaka
  • Ihala Talduwa
  • Kelaniya.
Soon after the disaster struck, we used your donations to provide cooked meals at a local centre (please see photographs below), for families who were displaced by the floods in Kelaniya. These families had received little aid and were going hungry.
 kids eating foodkelaniya floods
 On the 6th of June, dry rations were packaged by volunteers and distributed to families in Kelaniya. These packs included rice, lentils, condiments, tinned fish/sprats, tea and much more to feed a family of 5 for well over 1 week.
On the 15th of June we visited Morawaka, a village severely affected by the floods. We made donations of much needed dry food, mats and pillows for sleeping, sanitary and hygiene goods and basic medical supplies to the families affected. Over 150 items of second hand clothing were also distributed to families in this region.
 receipient 1
When we visited those affected by the floods in Ihala Talduwa (see photographs below), we were informed that their biggest need was food. We distributed large packs of dry rations to 30 families through a local school, containing rice, protein rich foods, condiments and much more.
malsha landslidelandslide2

Finally, a huge thank you to our volunteers in Sri-Lanka who worked tirelessly to assess the needs of those affected, purchase, pack and distribute goods.

packing condiments 1packing condiments 2